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It's finally 2020, and that means we're one step closer to the anticipated release of NBA 2K21. While the official release date for the latest installment of the 2K franchise is still up in the air, unofficial sources expect the release to be sometime in or after September. Since previous 2K versions typically release in late September, we can probably expect the same for NBA 2K21.

Will 2K21 Deliver for the Fans?

The NBA 2K franchise has a legion of dedicated followers, and they're expecting the best when it comes to the new version. 2K20 took some heat online after the initial release, with plenty of bugs plaguing the game. With most of those issues sorted out by the team's talented engineers, we hope that the team at Visual Concepts can carry the success into 2K21. The innovations brought into the game over the evolution of the title serves niche fans as much as it does the masses.
Some players might decide on grinding out their progress, chasing the MyCareer badge meta, while others use MyLeague to rebuild the NBA into their vision. Let's not forget about the endless card-collecting of the MyTeam option. Whatever their interest in the game, fans deserve the best in the latest evolution of their favorite basketball title. However, all of the development puts Visual Concepts in a sticky situation. Bringing to many new elements into the game runs the risk of going in too many directions at once. As a result, the game does not progress at all. This issue isn't anything new for the world's most popular and preeminent basketball franchise, which some might say is the best sports title available. As a result, Visual Concepts responded to this need for constant innovation in the game by adding plenty of features to its player modes. Can we expect to see this innovation carry forward in the 2K21 title? The answer is a resounding yes. Unlike most other recent versions of the 2K franchise, the release of 2K21 comes at a pivotal point in gaming history.

NBA 2K21 and the Release of the PS5

Basketball fans are excited about the latest version of the franchise. However, every gamer around the world is frothing at the thought of the introduction of the PS5 later in 2020. NBA 2K21 stands to be one of the first titles on offer with the new generation console. Aside from the typical GPU and CPU upgrades, Sony conformed in an announcement in 2019, that the PS5 will feature revolutionary specs, earning it the title of a true "next-generation" console. If what we see online is true, then it looks like the team at Sony is living up to the claim. The console will support "ray-tracing." This tech is a rendering technique used in film production and other CGI projects. The technology works by tracing rays of light from a subject, and visually copying its effect as light refracts and bounces off of other subjects in the image. If you don't have any idea what any of that technical jargon means, then you can interpret it as the most realistic imagery every produced on a console. Ray tracing produces images that are so lifelike; you'll think you're watching a PIXAR animated film. Sony has yet to reveal any other details on the new console, and the mystery of the potential performance of the PS5 leaves gamers around the world breathless in anticipation. However, not to leave you without something to chew on for the rest of the year, Sony mentioned that the release date for the console should be in time for the holiday season. As a result, NBA 2K21 will likely feature an earlier release date, with versions for PS4 as well. We have no idea of what to expect between the PS4 and PS5 versions, but we imagine that the PS5 will offer the superior platform for the game – time will tell.

Will NBA 2K21 Graphics Use Ray Tracing Tech?

Ray tracing tech requires as serious amount of computing power. Therefore, the images produced on the early PS5 games might not have the same visual quality as PIXR movies or advanced CGI movie technology. However, some critics suggest that the NBA 2K21 VC games will likely utilize ray tracing tech to provide a dramatic level of improvement to the visual aspects of the game. You can expect your players to look more lifelike than ever before. We expect the ray tracing to manifest improvements in the game in many ways. Enhanced player likeness, improved shadowing on the court, and smoother movement during play. If NBA 2K21 manages to improve on its predecessors, then we can safely say it will be the game to carry the franchise into the future.

Will You Get Access to NBA 2K21 Locker Codes?

Any NBA 2K fan can tell you about the importance of locker codes in the game. With locker codes, you get to experience the best that the title has to offer you. Previous editions of the game came with locker codes that enhanced the player experience, and we can expect the same for NBA 2K21. NBA 2K21 locker codes are not available at the moment, and we can expect them to arrive shortly after the release date. Stay tuned for more information on 2K21 locker code release dates, and what we can expect from the franchise with the new evolution of the series.

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